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The best asset of a witch: a black cat. Kiki Jiji is just that. The next companion in her quest is a witch herself.

Best Witch of One: Black Cat. For Kiki Jiji, this is exactly what is her main partner in the quest to become a real witch.


A list of all the characters from our own Catblack anime series and manga.

Color code

Main Machines

Who is the main character in Black Cat anime?

Train Heartnet (トレインハートネット Torein Hātonetto) is the main protagonist of the Black Cat manga and anime. Formerly Chronos’ eraser, he finally turned to the sweeping life and worked alongside Sven Wollfyd.

Sweepers id=”The_Sweeper’s_Alliance”>Wipers Alliance



Chronos Numbers

Staff Of Chronos

Chronos Erasers

Apostle Of The Star

black cat anime character bios

Of course, you will see dogs appear here and there, but cats only overcome the environment.

From cats talking with panther ears to adding babysitters to everything they say, there are plenty of these furry creatures. Therefore, today I want to honor the memory of these cats and publish the best cats in all of anime!

Is Saya alive in Black Cat?

Saya (ミナツキサヤ minatsuki Minatsuki becomes Saya) is a skilled janitor and friend on the train until she is killed during Creed Diskenth.

People don’t say the exact time nya, but there will be a humanoid number of cats nearby, who are also the offspring of Satan.

25. Sorata

Okay, maybe that’s a misleading way to get off the list, given that almost no Sorata is present as a character. But look at your dog.

This is used as a plot point when none other than David is picked up first by Takaho, who has found the only alley in him. Fast forward ten years and now Yokozawa only cares about golf. through But for a while he begins to worryHiyori…

And almost all of these transitions are related to the progress and changes within the parts. This is an interesting dynamic.

24. Nekotalia

With this amazing post, we actually have a team of cats that are feline counterparts of the Hentalia characters.

black cat anime character bios

Hentalia is beautiful and strange. No wonder there is a cat here.

Each chat is dedicated to a specific country, and much of their arguing often results in humor as well as more cautious political criticism. Personally, I like the German cat and the Italian cat the most.

The German cat is another very strict black cat who does everything right, while the Italian cat is just a weakling who also likes to play, flirt and annoy Germany Kota. Nekotalia is also characteristic of rare cases when the dubbing is really amazing.

23. Sakamoto

Strange on this list, Sakamoto is actually a cat.

However, he can still speak, but not in blood thanks to contracts or demonic heritage. No, this is the result of the power of technology!

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After surviving a terrible owner, Sacam the catescapes and ends up in the care of the brilliant inventor Hakase. Dresses

Give her a scarf that will enable her to speak. He also uses this new ability to constantly inspire respect because technically he would be the oldest as he relies on cat years.

22. Jiji

Jiji during Src's Anime Kiki's Delivery Service=

One very interesting thing to note about Jiji is that his character actually changes depending on whether you watch the subwoofer or the English dub.

In the Japanese version, Jiji is a solitary cat, very wary and modest, not even talking unless the man is forced to. However, this is in English a boastful, cynical, satirical cat.

Even in terms of the plot, it makes a difference at the moment! In the Japanese version, Kiki loses the ability to successfully talk to Jiji because she will grow up, while in the 1999 English version it looks like it’s not.

21 Corinthians

PreviousRather than the destruction of the planet and the universe turning into a no doubt typical Tuesday, Korin has been tested as a martial artist.

A wonderful immortal cat who lives in a huge tower, where he trains, probably, the only unique Goku.

Also, he gives Goku’s gang pinto senzu beans, so there may not have been a legendary moment, the worst upbringing (shown in every Cell battle), against ne hasn’t happened yet, it was this old fluffy cat.


Everyone knows that understandable moment when you accidentally perform a reverse exorcism and your cat is probably possessed when you are basically minding your own business trying to rid the cat of the exciting ghost world.

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Does train like Eve Black Cat?

train the heart When they first met, Eve felt that Train was exactly what she imagined when it came to the “smell of blood” referring to her gun. So, after joining him with Sven, Eve begins to see Train as an adversary and tries to positively replace him as Sven’s partner, but ends up not caring anymore.

And because it’s of mundane interest, a formally ordinary cat becomes one of the funniest characters in the current series.

He’s so grumpy, it’s just a riot. Especially English in the dub, where Kaya basically has something like a pot, in that climate he would cut it down by 10 at intervals.

Fortunately, Kaya was born in the early 2000s temperament, Kaya stayedas before.

19th Baron

Baron Humbert von Gickingen first appeared in the 1995 film Whisper of the Heart and returned three years later as a more prominent character in Return to the Cat. Sound your

Who is the main character in Black Cat anime?

Train Heartnet (トレイン ハートネット Torein Hātonetto) is the protagonist of the Black Cat manga and anime. He used to be Chronos’ assistant, but could potentially become a sweeper and work alongside Sven von Wollfied.

With sleek white and a top hat, he leans more towards humans than cats.

I’m pretty sure the fluffy tips have arrived. And can your business want them in? Just listen to the silky voice. Ah, what a fantastic gentleman.

Also, he becomes a statue during the day, but that doesn’t stop him from owning an FBI pet. I dream of becoming a baron without fur and stone.


Is Saya alive in Black Cat?

Saya Minatsuki (ミナツキサヤ Minatsuki Saya) was a powerful janitor and friend of Train until she was killed by Creed Diskent.

Ghibli is clearly not okay with this. Nekobasu is basically so fluffy that I want to convey.

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Does train like Eve Black Cat?

train the heart When they first met, Eva felt that because of the “smell of blood” on those guns, Train Like was her. After joining him, Sven and Eva begin to see Train as a side enemy and tries to replace him as Sven’s partner, but ends up not caring about that information anymore.

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