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how to enable search option in outlook 2010

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how to enable search option in outlook 2010

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You can also access the green version of “Manage email, and time contacts when using Microsoft Outlook 2010” on Udemy.

Learn How To Set Up Search In Microsoft Outlook Set Up 2010

Why does the search function not work in Outlook 2010?

If searching by year in Microsoft Outlook does not return results, or if the results clearly do not match what you might expect, the indexing of the fact file is corrupted or incomplete. The instant search feature uses indexing organizations to quickly find what you normally search for.

For the search tools, be sure to click on search and focus, you will see the search selector here at the top:

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Why does the search function not work in Outlook 2010?

If your search in Outlook Microsoft 2010 does not return results, or the results may not be what you expected, the data file indexing may be irreversibly damaged or incomplete. Instant Web search uses indexing services to find what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

Through a paid Outlook search for the current folder. I like that it helps, mostly because I know what directory I want to search for. But if everything, then I will include the current archives and the rest of all my accounts in them; as i can, you can just select “All Subfolders” or “All Outlook Items”. If you want to change it go to “Search Tools” and then to “Search Options”.

How do I turn on the search box in Outlook?

First go to the “File” menu and select “Options”.Find click and then ribbon” “Customize.findYou are the many commands, ribbons, and hooks listed in the Skirmish dialog box.Then find and place “Search” yourself on the left.Finally, just click “OK” to save your settings.


< Here in Outlook, I see factory outlets indexed by search with windows permissions. I can also change the search parameter Der results. I can include here their results from the new current folder or from all folders. Again, I recommend starting with the current folder because you can always expand your search if you can find what you're looking for. I can also decide what color the individual search results should be highlighted in. I'll just leave the default color here, yellow. Okay.

I can also choose which account data files I want to include in the display results. So here I want to include both my personal account, my preferred work account, my SharePoint lists, and the archive that my husband and I are only locally on this computer.

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