Easiest Way To Fix Input Length Error 1

In this guide, we will cover some of the possible reasons that might cause input Length 1 Error and then I will discuss possible fix methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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Worm:Win32/Scrimge. A worm that only spreads through MSN Messenger. It contains a loophole that allows unauthorized persons to access the infected computer.


When executing Worm:Win32/Scrimge.A does the following on output Type=”disc”-calculator:

  • Copy its own file dllcachejucheck vers.exe and set the file attributes to read-only, hidden, and plain system. It tries to also set the timestamp of that header in the same way as a criss-cross .exe. However, this action failed in our lab tests.
  • creates a large object with a mutex named “1xcam0isluvedbyus”. the worm then checks for the existence of this mutex object. If there is no mutex at all, the worm assumes that it is no longer working and restarts dllcachejucheck.exe.
  • Changes the registry, which runs itself on every Windows startup:
    Adds a value to “jucheck”
    With data: “dllcachejucheck.exe”< br>For subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWAREmicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun
  • Changes the registry to point the name of the original executable to the double worm:
    Adds the price “MSNPRC”
    With data: “
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWA zum subkey:REMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionShell Extensions
  • Delete the beginning of “%windir%picts-.zip”, where one is a randomly generated 4-digit number, such as “picts-3293.zip”. This ZIP archive contains a copy of the img0794-www named catalogname.photoshare.com worm. Worm uses it when distributing MSN via Messenger.
  • Injects explorer code into an .exe that can open dllcachejucheck.exe and prevent it from opening so that it can be modified or deleted.

Note: as well as %windir% are designations for variable locations defined by adware and the requesting operating system. The default system directory for Windows 2000 and NT is C:WinntSystem32; and for XP Vista and C:WindowsSystem32 it is valid. The default installation location relative to the Windows directory for late 90s and NT Windows is C:Winnt; XP Vista and is C:Windows.

When the worm runs on a Windows XP Service Pack 2 system, the worm significantly modifies the registry to add itself directly to the list of allowed Windows applications:
Adds a firewall value:” dllcachejucheck.exe”< /p>
input length 1 error

WhenOnce the process is complete, the installation of the worm deletes its copy, which was originally the longest running, along with the following registry key:

Note. If the username of the worm that normally launched it is “CurrentUser”, the worm will exit without doing anything.


This worm can spread through MSN Messenger in two ways: automatically, either through a runtime beep sequence, or possibly through manual control by a trusted remote attacker using the worm’s input feature (see below for details).

The worm tries to send leads to MSN Messenger clients saved in the ZIP file %windir%picts-.zip. As long as you have the file, it itself sends an important message, which depends on the locale of the computer located. The message is then randomly selected from one of the following country-specific lists:

input length 1 error

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