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Let’s say I live in all 100 countries.Millions of people there are also presidential electionscome. And for presidentThe election that the candidate is. There is candidate candidate A,and B. And there is some reality Let’sSay that I live in a very important area, and I willI vote for both – and everyone participateselections, and everyone will vote for one or another candidateCandidate B. And so there is a certain percentageThere’s some truth in it, bitch, it leaves meWrite this situation here – maybe 1 minus for 1 cent – let me do itp There is a reality that perhaps a percentagewill B, vote and I could trade themIf i want. Then p percent should vote aheadfor B, and the rest of the people vote A,so for what maybe 1 minus the production percentage will go to A. And you can see the possibilitiesthat the distribution is Bernoulli. there is valuefor two can I get a sample And rightfully I appreciatesays you vote for candidate A or votebecause you’re still Candidate B. difficult to manage very well along the waywith these values. You cannot supplyA-mean estimatebetween B and with all this – there will be letters,they are not numbers. to So, make the program manageableMathematically, we would say that we are testing someone whoVoting for A is equivalent to sampling any 0,and what is the sample of who is going to vote for Bcorresponds to sample 7 a. if And you do those withBernoulli distribution, we learned a video about itBernoulli distribution, this is our own average of this will be the distributionhere is equal to q. this is beautifulA simple proof of how we got it. So that’s how it isAn allocation that is not certain to be of any valueThis delivery may take some time and is out of scopehere and remember that it will actually equal p. Now my America has100 million people. It’s practical as good as it isit is impossible for me to completely remain in a state and request all the information from millions100 people they come back to vote for. So I can’t say for aware that these options will sometimes. what i have in whatI mean, just go. But instead of doing whatAll I can doWell, this is a random poll. I will test on itPopulation, look at all this data and you’ll have a good score.what is actually. that ’cause it’s all for me.Indeed. I am very interested in p. So I will try, it will help to evaluater with a sample, then we will discuss and we will think whatto the item evaluation is good. that So I go at randomPoll, additional random sample of 100 people. And let’s say I got themfollowing results. Let’s say say 57that they will definitely vote for person A. I will write like this. 57 say so many leavevote for oh it’s close57 samples 0. And the rest are real people,Again, a very important population, no one in particularundecided, the rest are many people, so to speak 43 people, theyI’ll help you vote B. Or is it equivalentsampling kind 43 of them. It’s now, the example helped here, my whatsample mean and variance of my sample? My sample means here, okayis clearly the mean of the zeros of this and1s So I developed 57 0s so it will help 57 times0 plus my forty-three. So the sum of my several samples,so 43 which is true plus 43 mindknife for a large 1 amountThe number of samples I took out of 100. What does this mean for my life? get So 57 times can be 0 0. 43 divided by 1 0 centsaccording to note 43. Does mine meanAverage song, the value of only those data points that I actually collected. So what is my sample?Detour? The sample variance will beequals the sum of the square of my distance to the mean divided bywithout me 1 Sample. Remember this is a samplevariance, yours and we want to create the best estimate of reality currently available.the variance of the distribution is. And then, do what you don’t share100 must be divided not only by 1, but also by 100. We learned a lot about this,before, like many videos. So I’m 57. So I have two samples of 57s. We’ll do that in a minute.color one yellow – samples 57 out of 0. And so each of these samplesMinus 0.43 0 is removed from the display. Each – sample is 3. You subtract 0.43.- this isthis is the actual difference between 0 and 0.43. And in this case I want me to be squareddistance, this is a garden, so we calculate the gap. There are 57 of them. further And 43 times more.I am very 1 of my sample – selected forty-three timesone And 1,usually 1 is 1 0 minus. Far from forty-three from averagebecause it’s yours, and I want it to help quadraticallythis is the distance. And I don’t want it eitherjust divide by n. I just don’t want to go100– I remember trying to appreciate the exact truthPopulation. he to be the bestEstimator because, and I gave you a clue to many whyBefore many videos, we tend to divide 100 by minus 1 and 99to really discover our variety of models. So let me get the calculators in and out, we must first make a specific counter. I am seven fifty times 0.minus 0.square, 43 43 plus 1 date no less0.43 sq. And then shared with everyoneso minus 100 of a particular person or 99– divided by 99 is still 0.2475before. Ma is therefore the variance, the group equals the sampledispersion, 0.2475. And I, if I want, that one tooAn example of my standard deviation that I have right now

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