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This tutorial will help you if you encounter the sagent.

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This article provides information on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues that you are likely to encounter when trying to set up most of the Azure Connected Machine agent to listen on Windows or Linux. Included is an interactive large-scale installation At establishing methods of love relationships. For an overview of Azure, see Arc Team Support Overview.

Agent Error Codes

If the number one error occurs when configuring the agent for Arc-compatible white servers, the following table will help identify the possible cause and suggest corrective action. What you need is AZCM0000 whichever error code (“0000” can be any 4 digit number) that is generated when you continue outputting the type or script to the console.

Error code Probable solution

AZCM0000 Action reason The suggestion seemed too successful Not applicable AZCM0001 An unknown error has occurred Contact Microsoft Support for further assistance AZCM0011 User undo effect (CTRL+C) Repeat previous command AZCM0012 The specified access character is invalid Get a new recovery token and try again AZCM0013 The tags are not valid yet Check that tags are enclosed in double quotes, always separated by commas, and that all names and values ​​with spaces next to single quotes are enclosed: --tags "SingleName=' Value including spaces ', Location= Redmond" AZCM0014 Cloud invalid Specify supported flaw: AzureUSGovernment AZCM0015 The correlation ID provided by azurecloud is not a valid GUID Specify a valid upper case GUID for --correlation-id AZCM0016 An important parameter is missing Check the output to see if any parameters are missing AZCM0017 Invalid resource name Enter a name containing only alphanumeric charactersly, hyphens and/or underscores. The name must not end with this or with a hyphen underscore. The

command azcm0018 started without administrator rights Resubmit the command as owner or superuser in a multi-command prompt or console session.experience azcm0041 The provided is invalid For device connections, check if the specified user account has access to the tenant subscription and where the server share is located. When they sign in to the service principal, they verify that my client ID and secret are correct, that the actual expiration date is correct, and that the service principal is in the same tenant where the particular server resource was created. AZCM0042 Could not build azure, usable server compatible with Arc Verify that the specified user/service principal is granting access to the Azure Arc compatible host creation resources in the specified helper group.succeeded azcm0043 Don’t uninstall the Azure Arc-enabled server utility Make sure the other user hasThe provider/service principal has access to delete Azure Arc-enabled server resources specified in the provider group. If the resource is longer than n’ in an existing Azure, use the main --force-local-only continue for flag. AZCM0044 A resource with almost the same name already exists Provide names for the --resource-name parameter and delete the existing remote Azure machine in the Azure arc, then retry the .agent azcm0061 Service unavailable Make sure you are running the command normally in an elevated user context (administrator/root access) and that our own HIMDS service is running on your server. Connect azcm0062 An error has occurred on this server Check the other error codes in the get output for more details. If the error occurs after creating the Azure resource, you must help Arc remove the Server from its resource group before trying again. AZCM0063 An error occurred while disconnecting from the server Check multiple error codes in the output for more informationdetails. If you continue you will get this error, you can delete the resource in Azure and optionally run azcmagent disable on server --force-local-only to disable agent.ingredient Ne service not azcm0064 he answers Check the himds level to make sure it works. Unconditionally start the service if it is not running. If it is running, please wait and try again. AZCM0065 An internal agent distance learning error has occurred Contact Microsoft Support for help AZCM0066 The web service may be unavailable or unavailable for the agent Contact Microsoft Support for help AZCM0067 The agent is already connected to Azure Run azcmagent disconnect remove on the current connection and try again. AZCM0068 Internal error while disconnecting server from Azure Contact Microsoft Support for help AZCM0081 An error occurred while loading the Azure Active Directory managed identity certificate If this email message appears while trying to Connect the server to Azure from the website, the reason for this is that the connection cannot use the Azure Arc service. Delete the Azure resource type, try again and. AZCM0101 The command may not have been successfully parsed Run azcmagent --help to check if the command syntax is correct AZCM0102 Failed to get computer hostname Run hostname to check for system level error messages, then contact Microsoft Support. AZCM0103 An error occurred while generating RSA keys Contact Microsoft Support for help AZCM0104 Failed to read system information Check that the run number used by azcmagent has administrator or root privileges on the system, and check again. Details

Agent Log

In general, you will need at least a detailed log before attempting the troubleshooting steps described later in this short article. It currently outputs tasks from the azcmagent tool when Verbose (-v) is used in the “Used” dialog box. Log files if you %programdata%azureconnectedmachineagentlogazcmagent want to write.for log Windows /var/opt/azcmagent/ log/azcmagent and Linux vers.log . code>.


The following is an example of a command to get a verbose log using a machine connected for Windows Chemistry during a dynamic installation.

sagent error

& "$env:ProgramFilesAzureConnectedMachineAgentazcmagent.exe" connect --resource-group "resourceGroupName" --tenant-id "tenantID" --location "regionName" --subscription-id "subscriptionID" detailed

Future is an example command to enable verbose logging that allows the agent for logged on computers to win Windows when a service principal is selected in a large scale installation.

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